Beyer Consultants - Helping Non-Profits Succeed
Mission-Driven Consulting
At Beyer Consultants, we value our client family and pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services to help you succeed.  
Beyer Consultants focuses on helping community health centers and not-for-profit organizations fulfill their missions in an era of uncertainty. We constantly monitor federal, state and regional environments to develop the initiatives you need to respond to the transforming healthcare market. We are your extra set of eyes to relay the big picture and combine our experience with your and your team’s knowledge to develop future strategies, expand outreach and marketing efforts and improve organizational effectiveness.   
Building understanding that results in trusting client relationships is an integral part of our consulting practice. Beyer Consultants philosophy is to establish supportive relationships with our clients and develop long-term goodwill. In fact, the majority  of our clients have us return to assist them with new or additional projects.